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About me

CHILDREN ARE ONE -THIRD OF OUR POPULATION AND ALL OF OUR FUTURE.-ANONYMOUS Thank you for checking out this page and taking the time to learn more about me. If I had to describe myself using a few words, I would say: I am very motivated, I am a learner.- I have always loved learning , discovering new things and teaching foreign languages. Probably that is why I feel I WORK IN A PLACE WHERE I can best learn about others and myself. I have been teaching for 38 years now. My journey into teaching started when I was 20 years old. First I was a student at FIRST language school - Pleven. Then I studied Russian phylology at Sofia University"Kl.Ohridski" - Sofia and graduated as a Russian teacher. Then I studied English phylology at the New Bulgarian University-Sofia and graduated as an English teacher. After graduation I worked as an Russian and English techer at First school "St.St.Kiril and Metodii" and from 1999 I have been teaching English at Finance and Economy High school - Montana and here I am now, still teaching English and still enjoying it.

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